Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ultimate Guide In Generating Thousands Of Visitors Using Viraltag On Pinterest

We all know traffic is very vital in internet marketing and generating traffic really is not that easy it thus takes a long time to rank in google search engine.

however, if tell you there are better ways in which you can generate that same traffic, even more than what you think you are getting from organic search, yes it is  possible using social networking site like Pinterest.

If you don't know about Pinterest it is a site that mainly deals on pinning of images from your blogs and from all over the web. Can you get traffic from it? yes sure, in fact, the traffic from Pinterest are mostly people who are ready to buy.

Then how can you gain from this free traffic? it is so simple just by pinning images on Pinterest is all that is needed to start generating traffic.

Now let delve more into generating traffic with Pinterest with the use of a very special tool viraltag

First, you need to know just pinning few couples of images a day isn't enough to bring in the traffic you need, you got to pin lots of images at specific intervals all through the day and through the week. even if you do not have anything doing, just pining all day long makes the whole look bored hence you need a tool that will help in scheduling your post all through the day and the week, and the only tool that meets that criteria is VIRALTAG

Up until now before I discovered viraltag, pinning images have been a lot of task for me, but with the help of viraltag, am able to schedule all my pins for the next couples of weeks, all of this just take me less than 20minutes to do. This has freed me a lot of free time to concentrate on other activities and more importantly my traffic has increased with about %600 increment just using viraltag for just 7days now.

If you need lesser targeted traffic Pinterest is the social network site to start with right away and start pinning and also you will need a tool that will help schedule your pins and the only known and effective tool so far is "viraltag" have used so many similar tools but none come close to viratag in terms of pin scheduling
Below I will walk you through how to effectively setup your viraltag dashboard so you can start scheduling your pins

1. You need to register at the site and registration is free and then login in with your Pinterest account

2. click the plus sign in red colure as this will help in importing your images

3 Import your images and click upload as shown in the image below

4 The next step is to choose your board, add a little description to each image and the url or your website you want visitors to click to, just as you can see in the image below

5 The next step is to go down to the schedule tab choose a date and time you which the pin should start posting to Pinterest. One good feature viraltag has over others using similar tool is that you don't have to start fixing time on each of your scheduled but just with simple time interval set up, will apply to all the pins e.g if set it to 10minutes interval then it will affect all my pins such that each will be posted every 10 minutes, very good feature saves lots of time

6 The final step click schedule that is all, all of this process does not take less than 30mins to schedule pins that will run for a couple of days all in your absence without doing any extra work.

As you can see from the image below it shows that all my pins have successfully been scheduled

Also if you do not know where to source for your images to use, you can make use of google image or images from Pinterest as well .

This is the fastest and easiest way to generate traffic to any blog or any niche using Pinterest and viraltag tool for scheduling all of your pins.

Try viraltag today and see an upsurge in your traffic, this brought me 46,000 new page-views in just 14days in one of my blog, such kind of traffic can't be gotten from organic search all of this was made possible with the use of viraltag and pintrest. try it right now and see your traffic soar high